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Zero Pay is your ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for eliminating Credit Card Processing Fees

With our 30-day No Risk Guarantee, we want to earn your business for life…even without a contract.

ZeroPay Cash Discount Program Credit Card Processing
ZeroPay Cash Discount Program Credit Card Processing
ZeroPay Cash Discount Program Credit Card Processing


Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees - for good!

Want to accept credit cards, without the fees? Eliminate 90-100% of your fees by giving your customers a Cash Discount Program that gives them an alternative to paying with credit cards. Add our patented CASH DISCOUNT software & hardware technology and watch your profits grow.

ZeroPay Cash Discount Program Credit Card Processing

Zero Fee Credit Card Processing | United States | Zero Pay Solutions

What is ZeroPay Cash Discount?

ZeroPay Cash Discount Program Credit Card Processing
ZeroPay Cash Discount Program Credit Card Processing
ZeroPay Cash Discount Program Credit Card Processing

Accepting Card Payments Should Be Easy and Affordable!

We know that the ever-increasing credit card processing fees that businesses are paying is OUTRAGEOUS. We also know that business owners are tired of always having to negotiate lower pricing with their existing processing provider. 


Our Zero Pay Cash Discount Program now provides business owners with a ‘permanent’ solution to virtually eliminate these over-bloated fees by giving their customers the ‘incentive’ to pay with CASH and receiving a CASH DISCOUNT. In doing so, businesses across the country are now eliminating 90-100% of their processing fees!

How It All Works

To help merchants to dramatically reduce processing fees, we pre-program our terminals and POS systems with our patented software to process customer cash and credit card payments. For customers who pay with cash, we will automatically apply a “cash discount” to the transaction. For card-paying customers, a small “service fee” is applied for the convenience of paying with a credit card. This service fee that you will collect will then offset your credit card processing rate that is applied to your account, thus eliminating most of your processing fees. All printed terminal receipts that your customer receives will reflect the cash discount or the service fee that is applied to each transaction.


Worried about losing business from card-paying customers? NO worries! Merchants also have the option of ‘toggling on or off’ their terminal if they do not want to apply the small service fee to any of their loyal card-paying customers.

Merchants Increase Profits and Sales Revenues

Our main objective is to help businesses to increase their bottom-line profitability in order to help them to grow and prosper.  Zero Pay provides a 30-DAY NO RISK GUARANTEE. If you are not satisfied with the dramatic savings we will provide, you can cancel your account at any time. There is NO long term contract – NO cancellation fee. We can also switch you to our traditional pricing model and provide you with lower pricing and greater savings as compared with your previous processing provider. NO Risk – NO Hassles

Who We Are

Since 1997, Zero Pay has remained on the forefront of the credit card payment technologies landscape.  At Zero Pay, we are the ‘one-stop-shop’ for providing business owners with all of the credit card payment services they will need to increase their sales revenues and minimize the costs for processing credit card payments. With unrivaled customer support, state-of-the-art equipment and affordable processing packages – we make accepting credit card payments fast and simple.


With our ‘Zero Pay’ Cash Discount Program, we help thousands of businesses nationwide to eliminate 90-100% of their credit card processing fees. Our unique and proprietary cash discount software technology enables us to program our credit card processing terminals and POS systems based on your specific business needs, enabling you to dramatically reduce your credit card processing fees. Quite simply, our clients no longer have to worry about ever-increasing costs of payment processing.  NO Gimmicks – NO Hidden Fees – NO Hassles. 


Plus... we provide a 30-day NO RISK GUARANTEE – if not happy with our Cash Discount Program, you can cancel at any time with NO cancellation fees!


From a credit card merchant account to credit card terminals and POS systems, we can help you grow your business and increase profitability. Zero Pay stands among the industry leaders, representing multiple processors and providing all types of merchants with a variety of credit card processing services and products.


Contact us today so we may assist you with helping your business to increase your overall profits and sales revenues, as well as lower your credit card processing costs.

What We Do
Our Values

At Zero Pay, we recognize the importance of creating complete trust between merchants and their credit card merchant services provider. We know that credit card processing is a large portion of your gross sales and we strive to be more than just a credit card processing partner. In doing so, we offer many peripheral products and value-added services (some are available for FREE) which will help you focus on helping your business grow and prosper.



  • Zero Pay has been a reputable and trust worthy merchant services provider since 1997

  • Our Zero Pay foundation is based on corporate ethics, integrity and professionalism

  • Our Zero Pay management team has over 60 years of experience in the credit card processing industry

  • Zero Pay provides the latest EMV and PCI compliant credit card terminals and POS systems

  • Zero Pay has excellent 24/7 customer service, providing you with the world class support you deserve

  • Zero Pay provides multiple value-added products and services to help businesses grow

  • Zero Pay has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau


You've Got Options

At Zero Pay, we make enrollment easy. Choose from multiple equipment options – at huge savings that you can truly appreciate!


Contact Zero Pay and we will tailor your Cash Discount Program that best meets your business needs. Upon enrollment, we will setup your account and your terminal will be shipped to your location within 48 hours.


Zero Pay has several terminal options to select from that are pre-installed with our proprietary Cash Discount technology. You will then be able to start offering a cash discount to your customers, right out of the box.


Merchants will immediately recognize the dramatic savings they will receive by eliminating most if not all of their processing fees. These savings can add up to literally thousands of dollars each year.


Cash Discount Program (CDC) Retail & Restaurant

We provide our merchants with options when determining their service fee to help them eliminate all of their costs. In most cases, a flat per-transaction fee is the best method, while other merchants have better results with a percentage-based fee. While we would prefer to eliminate all of your costs, some merchants like to split it with their customers. Below is our suggested service fees to help you eliminate all of your interchange costs.

*Credit and Debit sales apply. Must provide last 3 months statements in order to determine best pricing method.

ZeroPay Program Fee

To keep our fees reasonable for the size of your business, our program fees are tiered based on your overall volume.

*Increase monthly fee of $5.00 if using WiFi terminal.

How Much Can You Save In a Month? or an entire Year?

Find out with our SAVINGS calculator.

Here are just a few businesses we are helping to save thousands this year.

  • Donut Shops

  • Automotive Repair

  • Daycare Centers

  • News Stands

  • Municipalities

  • Event/Ticket Processors

  • Hair and Nail Salons

  • Dry Cleaning Services

  • Convenience Stores

  • Casual Dining

  • Takeout/Delivery Services

  • Quick Serve Restaurants 

What Our Customers Are Saying

ZeroPay Cash Discount Program Credit Card Processing

“I’ve been using the Cash Discount program for 8 months and have saved over 80% on my monthly credit card processing bill. I was concerned about losing some customers, but they do not mind paying a small fee when they use their credit card. I have received few complaints.”

ZeroPay Cash Discount Program Credit Card Processing

Before I signed up, my credit card processing fees were very high. Now they are almost gone. 

I also like that I can temporarily toggle off my terminal if a loyal customer of mine doesn’t want the small fee when they pay with a credit card. My customers keep coming back!

ZeroPay Cash Discount Program Credit Card Processing

“Customers don’t have any issues with the small $.79 service we charge. They know it is only pocket change and is less than ATM fees if they want to pay with cash.”

ZeroPay Cash Discount Program Credit Card Processing

“At first I was skeptical, but I liked their 30-day No Risk policy to verify their services. There is no question we have received a big boost in our monthly sales revenues. We also eliminated over 90% of our credit card processing fees which increased our bottom line profits. I am here to stay.”

Owner - Angel Cleaners

Owner - C&S Custom Jewelry

Owner - Fantasea's Seafood

Owner - El Carbonero


Got Questions?  We Have Answers!

  • What is your Zero Pay Cash Discount Program and how does it work?
    Quite simply, Zero Pay is designed for you as a merchant to offset 90-100% of your current credit card processing fees and to help you to increase sales revenues and profitability. Our program is a method that now allows you to provide an incentive ‘cash discount’ to customers who pay with cash, along with applying a small service fee to those who pay with a credit card. Our clients no longer have to pay credit card processing fees when accepting cards at their business and are now legally able to pass these fees directly to their customers.
  • How much does it cost to sign up for your cash discount program?
    Zero Pay provides (2) Cash Discount Packages and will tailor a package that best meets your business needs. We will provide you with either our DEJAVOO Credit Card Terminal ($99 month) or our MYNT Point-of-Sale System ($199 month). All our equipment is pre-programmed with our ‘proprietary’ Zero Pay cash discount software so that you can process payments and permit the cash or credit card payment adjustments to take place. Every customer receipt will show a line item for each payment adjustment. Furthermore, all of our clients receive the latest EMV and PCI compliant terminals available in the industry.
  • Will your cash discount program completely eliminate my monthly processing fees?
    Most of our merchants eliminate around 90-100% of their fees. This includes any transaction fees, batch fees, PCI compliance fees, statement fees, VS/MC/DS/AX interchange pass-through fees, etc. Quite simply, you will be eliminating most of your fees with our Zero Pay Cash Discount Program. Your processing rate is also locked in on your merchant account agreement, with NO increases. This allows you to know exactly what your monthly processing cost will be. Zero Pay will also set up your billing on a daily discount structure, meaning we will deposit your funds daily minus the applicable processing fee, instead of a lump sum at the end of the month. Your monthly statement will show a near ‘zero cost’ in processing fees along with your monthly subscription fee for participating in the Zero Pay Cash Discount Program.
  • What is your 30-Day NO Risk Guarantee?
    There is NO RISK when signing up for our Cash Discount Program. You can try the program out for 30 days to verify for yourself that we have helped you to eliminate 90-100% of the credit card processing fees that you were paying with your previous processor. The monthly merchant statement we provide you will clearly reflect your 90-100% savings. To further minimize your risk, we also place all of our merchants are on a ‘month-to-month’ agreement with NO long term contract! If you decide you want to cancel your account, you can do so with NO cancellation fee!
  • Why is the Cash Discount Program now available with Zero Pay?
    For several years now, retail and restaurant business owners have fought with Visa and MasterCard to be allowed to charge customers a small service fee when paying with a credit card. Their main objective was to increase their profitability by minimizing the ever-increasing Visa/MasterCard processing rates that merchants pay when accepting credit cards. Visa/MasterCard previously allowed only certain industry types to implement a cash discount program. Many industry types such as gas stations, utilities, college-universities, courts, DMV, IRS and national-state-local governments have provided cash discounts for several years. Furthermore, cash discounting is widely used by merchants across Europe and Australia. This battle has been successful and Visa & MasterCard now allows retail and restaurant establishments with the ability to offer discounts for cash purchases and to apply a small service fee for card-paying customers. This is based on the evolution of the Durbin Amendment and Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Act which was recently passed by the US Senate. This law now prohibits a payment card network such as Visa “from inhibiting the ability of anyone to provide a discount for payment by cash, checks, debit cards, or credit cards.” For FCC information on the legalities of Cash Discount, go to
  • I am afraid of losing customers to my competitors!
    We initially had the same concerns, but from our analysis and feedback from current merchants utilizing our program (including retailers and restaurants), the complaint ratio is very low (under 3%). There are (3) main reasons for this. 1) Customers like the convenience of paying with a credit card rather than carrying cash. 2) Customers like using their Reward Cards to earn the reward points when making purchases with these cards. 3) Customer don’t want the hassle of going to an ATM and paying high ATM fees (sometimes north of 5%) which in most cases, is more expensive than paying the smaller service fee when they use their credit card at your business. Our merchants also know that their risk is limited compared to the thousands of dollars in processing fees that they will be eliminating. At Zero Pay, we don’t want you to lose any customers and we have the SOLUTION! If you are still concerned about losing customers, with the terminal or POS system we will provide, you will be able to quickly ‘toggle on or off’ the cash discount program that is pre-programmed in your terminal. Our toggling feature is available if you have a loyal customer that you don’t want to apply the service fee to and thus eliminate your concerns about losing these customers!
  • How do I explain the cash discount program to our customers?
    The answer is very simple and not hard to understand. Merchants simply ask their customers the following: “Would you like to receive a discount by paying with cash or pay with a credit card?” The signage we provide to place at your counter will notify the customer of the discount they will receive if they pay in cash and the small service fee when they pay with their credit card. Basically, our merchants are telling their customers that this is not a FEE for paying with a credit card, but rather an ‘incentive’ to pay with CASH.
  • How do I decide between a flat per transaction fee and a percentage fee?
    Zero Pay will set that up for you based on your average ticket size. For businesses with an average ticket below $25, we recommend a flat rate transaction fee ($0.50 to $0.90). Businesses with a larger average ticket ($25+), 3.95% works best. This process ensures that you cover as much of your processing costs as possible. Our cash discount program is especially effective for businesses that process small tickets with debit cards because their profit margins are more limited than businesses that process higher ticket transactions.
  • What if I have a large average ticket – the 3.95% service fee may be viewed as too high for my customers. Can I absorb some of that fee and still save money at the same time?
    On a case by case basis, we will work with you to implement a hybrid solution where you charge a service fee of anywhere between 1-4% to your consumer and you.
  • Why does my credit card processing rate seem a little high?
    We will set your processing rate below the service fee you will collect on credit card payments from your customer. This will insure that you are covering 90-100% of your credit card processing fees. Visa and MasterCard allows merchants to pass through credit card processing fees with a maximum cap of 4%. This rate includes every single fee related to processing. Included in this rate is the transaction fee, batch fee, PCI compliance fee, statement fee, interchange pass-through fees, etc. Quite simply, you will pay minimal processing fees with our Cash Discount Program. Your processing rate is also locked in on your merchant account agreement, with NO increases. This allows you to know exactly what your fixed monthly processing cost will be.
  • What if I sign up and later on decide I don’t want to be on the Cash Discount Program?
    No problem! If at any time you wish to go back to paying all of your processing fees, we can switch you to our ‘traditional’ pricing model at no cost. With our traditional pricing, we will even beat the rates you were paying with your old processor.
  • Why am I required to have signage disclosing the program?
    The major card issuers (Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express) issued rules requiring that a visible disclosure be present in the business. If signage is not properly displayed in the business, you will be in violation of the card issuer rules and guidelines for participating in the program. Businesses who are in violation could be subject to penalties up to and including having your merchant account privileges revoked.
  • Why are Reward Cards making my processing fees increase each year?
    When big brand stores partner with banks to issue Reward Cards, we continue to see an increase among these stores to provide better reward options. The bottom line is that merchants pay for these reward programs through their processing fees. The more that consumers use their reward cards, the more these rates will rise for these cards. We certainly do not try to discourage consumers from using reward cards, but merchants should understand that when they accept reward cards, the more processing fees they will pay. This is why our cash discount program is so effective for helping merchants to drastically reduce these fees.
  • Do I have to report the services fees collected on my annual IRS Form 1099-K?
    No! Your annual 1099-K will only show the earned income on your sales and not include the service fee for easy bookkeeping.

Zero Pay Cash Discount Program FAQ’s - Please take a look at our more thorough list below.


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