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Is Zero Fee Credit Card Processing and Cash Discount Programs Right for Your Business?

Every year, thousands of businesses struggle to find ways to be able to add to their bottom line. With ever rising costs, it’s a struggle to find a way to make enough to pay bills but also make a profit. Bills like rent and inventory can fluctuate with negotiation, but others follow a never-ending upwards trend. Costs like utilities, staff wages and credit card processing fees tend to be the costs that never go down.

Did you know that credit card processing fees are usually 4th or 5th highest expense for a business owner? It’s no small sum of money that is taken out of the bottom line each month just to pay processing fees. If you’re like most business owners, you shop around every now and then to see if you can save some money with a new provider, but what if you could make that cost completely go away?

There’s a new trend hitting the market that’s ending the traditional credit card processing numbers game. It’s called ‘Zero Fee Credit Card Processing’.

It’s a very simple concept. With our Zero Pay Cash Discount Program and our new proprietary software technology, the consumer pays a little bit extra for paying with a credit card. You simply ‘reward’ your very best customers by giving them a discount for paying with cash.

Instead of raising prices, you’re giving your customers a choice. If they want the miles on their credit card or the cashback, they pay a small fee to use a credit card.

What makes it even better is that the system is completely automated right out of the box. The fee is added onto the credit card receipt at checkout.

At the end of the day, the cash discount fees are automatically taken out of the batch. Your statement at the end of the month shows that your business owes zero dollars in merchant service fees. You’ve eliminated merchant fees for your business.

Let’s take a look at a couple real world examples:


Consider a chain of convenience stores. This business runs over 10,000 transactions a month per location with an average ticket of about $6.00.

Even after switching between multiple companies to lower fees, they still pay over $2,000 a month in merchant fees per location. With 11 locations they’re paying $22,000 a month in merchant fees, which adds up to more than $250,000 a year.

Cost-saving measures have been put in place over the years to try and shave more off the cost of accepting credit cards. They put up a sign at each location stating a $5.00 minimum purchase was required on all credit card transactions. It had a minimal effect on the bottom line, and probably drove away some easy small ticket sales. They called every processor they could find to try and get a lower rate, but there wasn’t enough profit left in the account to make it worth a provider’s effort to switch them over anymore.

Zero Pay Solutions is now privileged to introduce these merchants to our unique zero fee credit card processing solution. The decision was made by Zero Pay to try it at several of our client locations first and see what their customers thought. We wanted ‘real’ feedback from their customers to see if it would not only benefit them, but also from our merchant clients who wanted to drastically cut or eliminate credit card processing fees.

Not surprisingly, the feedback was excellent. There was also a common theme. Customers understood that the business owners were faced with a choice. They could either raise their prices across the board to cover costs, or they could offer a Cash Discount Program to their customers, giving them the choice to pay less with cash payments.

Here’s what one of our clients said after trying out the Zero Pay Cash Discount Program for 60 days. “After seeing two months of this system in action and verifying the savings I received when accepting credit cards, I was sold. I wish I would have switched all locations when I started. I’d have another $20,000 in my bottom line.” He even said that with the savings he received for all the stores combined, he will be now be able to open new locations.


Let’s take a look at a local dog grooming business. They process about $30,000 a month in credit cards, and have an average ticket of $60. After switching between multiple credit card processing companies over their last 15 years in business, they had their merchant fees drilled down to about $800 a month. They were happy with the pricing but it still added up to almost $10,000 a year in fees.

In talking with this merchant, we learned that rent, staff wages and credit card fees were their largest monthly expenditures. $800 a month was their 3rd highest business expense.

Zero Pay challenged them to take their cash discount program to the test. With an average ticket of $60, the average customer paying with plastic would pay around $2.00 extra.

What was the result? Their customers were happy that instead of raising prices across the board, they had the choice to pay with cash if they didn’t want to pay any extra fees.

Did all customers start paying with cash? No, the customers who were purchasing items with credit cards, continued to pay with their cards and the cash buyers continued to pay with cash. Merchants realized that their overall sales revenues not only ‘increased’, yet realized they lost very few customers with the cash discount program they offered. Furthermore, merchants loved the fact that they can choose to ‘toggle’ their credit card terminal to turn off the applied service fee for their card-paying customers. This prevented them from losing any of their loyal or repeat customers who frequented their business location. Ultimately, merchants realized this was a ‘Win-Win’ program not only for their business, but to offer their customers.

Bottom line, the business owner was able to pocket $800 a month in credit card processing fees and continue building his business. These facts make it simple for our clients.

We know that when any new product hits the market, it’s met with skepticism. Business owners want to know if this product can really do everything that it promises, and we challenge them to take the test. As a business owner, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year while keeping your most loyal customers happy. To verify that our Zero Pay Cash Discount Program will work for your business, we offer a 30-DAY NO RISK GUARANTEE. Try out our program and if you are not satisfied with the dramatic savings you will receive, simply contact us to cancel your account.


Today is the day you can eliminate credit card processing fees and use that lost income to grow your business and increase profitability. Contact us and ask about our Zero Fee Credit Card Processing solutions.

Call Zero Pay at 833-ZEROPAY for more information.

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